Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Here are the Pictures from telling the Colliers about the Baby

Week 15- POP!

It's day 3 of week 15 and I think i'm starting to pop! Or at least grow. I hear the true pop comes at 20 weeks. But I'm definitely noticeably bigger. I know, I know, pictures. I promised. Saturday. I am putting it off yet again. I also have to stop being lazy and scan in my ultrasound pictures from last time. Maybe I'll do it during Vacation next week. YAY I can't wait! 9 whole days down the shore! We're in dire need of this time away!
I went to Old Navy last night to gather some 'unmentionables' and felt the baby kicking. This time it was more distinct. So much fun! Otherwise, baby's good! We need some sleep, for sure, as we've been lacking, but we can take care of that!

Friday, June 22, 2007

14 Weeks in Counting!

Today marks 14 weeks of pregnancy! Crazy how time flies! I know I promised pictures this week, but I won't be able to post them until next week. Keith, mom, and I went for an ultrasound on Tuesday of this week (which would've made the baby 13 weeks and 3 days old). It was scheduled because when we went to our monthly appointment, they couldn't find a heartbeat with the doppler. The ultrasound showed that everything is fine, though, and the baby is active as ever! It's amazing how much the baby has grown since the last ultrasound! It's now about 3.5 inches long, so the picture was much more clear (for an ultrasound anyway) and we got to see little legs and toes! We also saw a profile of the baby's face. It's little nose is so cute! One of our ultrasound pictures shows the baby sucking it's thumb. Those pictures will be posted next week as well. I don't have them because Mom took them home with her to show Dad.
I'm so glad the weekend is here! Time to relax!!

Monday, June 18, 2007


I found two really cute nursery themes! For a boy, it's sailboats. For a girl, it's ladybugs and flowers. I'll put the pictures in here, but unfortunately the girl's theme is really hard to see in the picture-- it doesn't do it any justice. It's REALLY cute when you see it in person. Also, the parts of the girl theme that appear 'yellow-ish' are really sage green. Again, bad picture. Now we just need to find out the sex and we're good to go!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Week 13

As of this coming Saturday, I'm officially out of my first trimester! WOW that FLEW!!! I'm not feeling a ton different yet but I'm told that will come. I felt the baby kick today! It was strange- just felt like a little pop. When I felt it I looked around at the people who sit by me (as if they could feel it too) and laughed :). I can't wait until it's a regular occurance! I'm sure I may change my tune later on when it decides to kick me in the ribs. All is well though-- we have another ultrasound within the next week. I'll post pictures. I think I"m going to hold off on the belly pictures until next saturday (week 14) so that you can notice the change. We're definitely growing but to some still don't look pregnant. Apparently that doesn't come until week 20. Keith and I have been battling over names this whole time. I think he wants to wait until we find out the sex so as to cut the work in half. I'd like to come up with some now though! It's more fun that way! We decided to keep the name a secret, though. When you talk about name ideas with people before the child is born, you may feel dejected because people express their distaste about a name you love. Once the child is born, they really can't say anything without being extremely rude. :) And we would like to add an element of surprise: if we're going to tell what sex it is, we can keep the name as a secret.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Little Bit-o-belleh: Week 11

By Saturday I will officially be 11 weeks. I can't believe the first trimester is almost over already! That flew! I'm getting a little bit of belly- just enough for me to notice, and for my pants not to fit. I've borrowed maternity clothes from numerous sources, though buying a wardrobe of my own is tempting...

There are no new updates on the symptom front this week, except for 3/4 dizzy spells. Other than that I've been pretty even-keel. From what I've heard, it will only get easier in the second trimester. Can't wait to find out the sex so I can start picking out adorable baby clothes, and find a nursery theme!