Thursday, February 21, 2008

Growing UP!

I just got my cell phone out to count how many weeks old Noah is now- 10! 2.5 months old already! He's smiling on a regular basis now. He loves playing on his changing table in the morning when we are getting him ready for the day. He just kicks and coos and smiles away. It's so fun! I'm trying to teach him what a conversation is. If he makes a noise, I'll say something, and then wait for him to make another noise and say something again. I think he's getting the hang of it. He's getting bigger by the day! He looks so long to me now! Keith had to adjust the straps on his car seat and put them one rung higher to adjust to his height. I don't know how much he weighs for sure, but I'd guess at 12 or 13 pounds! I'm hoping it's not more than that because if it's 14, I only have a few weeks before his 86 or so diapers in size 1 don't fit! He's still nursing...and still has an allergy to dairy or something therein. I read that if babies show sensitivity to cow's milk it's because of the protien in it. If this is the case, they're prob. also sensitive to the protein in soy products. Which has also proven true. Even if I eat a bit of something, he throws up all of the next 2 feedings. Which stinks for him...he gets so uncomfortable. So I'm quitting all dairy and chocolate and spices, etc, cold turkey.
He's getting closer to sleeping through the night now! He only woke up twice the past two nights: 1:00 AM and 5:30 AM. Soon I'm confident he'll sleep right through! Yet another discovery we made in the past couple of weeks is that Noah LOVES to be in the water if we are in there with him. I took a bath with him and he was as calm and content as can be! I hope a few more times of doing this will help him to adjust to water altogether and like taking baths on his own. For right now, though, it's fun to play with him in the tub.
Also a new discovery: breaking from routine is not a good thing. Twice this month I've taken Keith to work and gone to friends' houses to visit, and both times it was a huge no-no. I think waking him up in the morning was my first mistake (taking him w/ me to drop Keith off) because he would normally sleep longer. My second mistake is taking him places...if he's in the car he's fine-- he sleeps. But if he's in new surroundings, he doesn't take his normal naps, and instead gets cranky and stays that way for the rest of the day. I feel so bad-- my usually content, happy baby is only fussy when we go somewhere. :( I guess it's a good thing I won't have the option to take him out next month-- Keith will have to drive to work when Lincon Financial relocates.
Motherhood is still wonderful. I've graduated from college, and am not trying to balance class work any longer. Working out has taken the place of school work though-- trying to shed a few before summertime comes! Above are some pictures my dad took this weekend with his fabulous new camera! One of him crying...which breaks my heart every time- that face! There's also one with his Grandmom/Mom-mom. Too cute!

Monday, February 4, 2008

6 Weeks and 6 Days old...but who's counting?

It's nearly 1 AM and I promised myself I'd be in bed early tonight b/c I have to take Keith to the train tomorrow...but I HAD to post tonight because Noah LAUGHED AND SMILED today!!! He laughed twice, and now smiles whenever we coo and smile at him. It was the most beautiful sight in the whole world! It's so cool to know that he's choosing to react to us. Who ever said being a parent isn't rewarding!? It's such a high honor...I can't wait for the rest of his firsts!! Here are some pictures of Noah at one month old. He's getting so big so quickly! At the last doctor's appointment he was 21 inches long-- he's already grown 2 inches! It's so sad to see that he's not teeny tiny anymore, but seeing these neat little changes takes the sadness away. We are just loving him to pieces!