Thursday, October 25, 2007

Week 32!!!

My my my how time flies! I only have 2 months and a few days left! I can tell it's getting close though. Baby Collier is moving up a STORM and growing like crazy! Sometimes I feel like he's going to kick his way out! He's still laying crossways in my belly, so all the prayers we can get for him to turn head-down will be MUCH appreciated! My friend told me a 'trick' that's supposed to move them- a hands and knees position with my belly down. I'll give it a try tonight! Or maybe once a day! They can supposedly move more freely that way. The pregnancy is fine otherwise. I have been getting major swelling in my left foot only, so I intend to ask the doctor about it at my appointment on tuesday.

In other news, I had a baby shower last weekend, from Keith's family. It was great! It's so much fun to get little outfits and baby things and watch his room slowly come together, and dream of how the outfits will fit him. :) I can't wait to have him here! Keith can't wait either. I'll try to post pictures from the shower, if I can get my hands on some.
We recently finished up our labor and delivery class, too. As you can see, Keith wore the sympathy belly. He did quite well! :) Looking at the belly, he looks huge compared to me haha! It's scary to think I will soon be there. I already can't see my toes! The class has been extremely informative and has reaffirmed in my mind that I definitely want an epidural, and will be praying that I don't have to get a c-section. I have to take a nursing class and an anesthesia class in November. That should be fun.

School is moving right along, keeping our nights and weekends busy. That's prob. why it feels like this pregnancy is zooming by! Hopefully I will be able to enjoy the last bit! Hope everyone is doing well!

Monday, October 8, 2007

In the Midst of Week 30!!!

Wow, I'm way behind with my blogging! :) We are working on week 30 now! It's so hard to believe that in 11 weeks we will have a little baby boy living with us! A lot has been going on, but not much has changed. Two weeks ago we went to the Outer Banks with my sister in law and her family, and inlaws. It was very relaxing. Unfortunately we (baby Collier and I) had a cold or sinus infection or something during the whole vacation. You don't realize the effects medicine can have on your sickness until you're unable to take it! Keith caught the cold from me and had it for only 4 days, whereas I had it for 10 days. Anyway, we've all recovered. We came back from the Outer Banks a little bit early so that Keith could finish the nursery before classes started up again. He finished all the painting and it looks great! We have to clean some things out and vacuum and then I'd like to take and post pictures so everyone can see. This past weekend we ordered our furniture, too. I'm glad we finally did-- it's not going to be in for 8-10 weeks!!! It will show up RIGHT before the baby is born! That kindof stinks because I won't be able to get fully organized before he's here, but I guess it's better than if it were to come late!
In other news, I was in yet another car accident. It was nothing major-- just a small fender bender. More annoying than anything. I was stopped at a red light when a honda rear-ended me. I couldn't believe it! My 2nd accident in less than a year and again, not my fault! Thankfully he barely tapped me, so the damage is minimal, and the baby and I are physically just fine! After that happened, though, the fact that you can't trust other drivers was reaffirmed, in my mind, and I decided to put the Britax Marathon infant-toddler seat on my registry. I didn't want to at first, because it costs 260 dollars, but for my baby's safety, it's worth it. And you never know when an accident could occur, and how it can change your life. I experienced that in January, and I pray that Keith, the baby and I (not to mention the rest of the family) never have to deal with that again.
I had my monthly appointment 2 weeks ago, and everything is progressing normally! The next time I visit will be in two weeks (every appointment is every two weeks until 36 weeks). At 36 weeks, I will have visits weekly for the last 4 weeks of the pregnancy. I was asking the doctor about my due date, since with every ultrasound they said it could be a little different. She looked at the charts and said that the 'window', based on all my ultrasounds, for the baby to come is between December 18th and 24th. Ofcourse things like these are so unpredictable it could very well be much earlier or much later, but at least that gives me a better picture, and hopefully more accurate anticipation! I can't wait for him to get here! This Christmas is going to be a great one!
This is a picture from our anniversary dinner on the 9th of Oct. Keith surprised me and took me to a place in New Hope. :) It was sweet of him-- we had a good time.