Monday, April 23, 2007

Six Weeks!

It's Monday April 23rd, and I'm going into my sixth week. Last week was considerably good! I'd have mild discomforts here and there, such as indigestion, headaches, or constipation, but haven't had any nausea. I can just tell that I'm pregnant, and in many ways, that is reassuring. My first doctor's appointment is scheduled for May 23. By that point, I will be in my 10th week. I think they don't perform the first untrasound until 12 weeks. We told mom and dad the news yesterday. I gave mom her bottle and "I love Grandma" bib and put dad's in a spot where he would be sure to find it. Sure enough, he found it, and we heard him yell from the other room "OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! You're pregnant?!?". It was pretty funny. He's looking forward to the baby coming, and was already talking about putting a swingset in his yard. Mom was excited too-- she thinks Christmas is the perfect time to welcome a baby into the world. :) She said "would it be cool to have twins?", to which I replied "do you have an open schedule for the next couple of years"? I guess it would be cool in some ways, but it would definitely be a handful!

This is what the web has to say about the little angel this week:

Fetal Development: This week of
pregnancy your baby is about ¼ of an inch in length (always measured crown-to-rump) and triples in size this week! Your baby is now starting to show recognizable physical features and is completely enclosed in the amniotic sac.
Your baby’s brain is growing and developing distinct regions and his or her eyes and ears are beginning to form. Limb buds can also be seen at this point. Your baby’s heart is now beating, which can be seen on ultrasound.
Changes in You:Your uterus is growing larger and some women (especially women who have had previous pregnancies) notice their
clothes getting a bit tighter around the waist this week. But if this is your first pregnancy, your abdomen might not have changed much. You might have gained a few pounds by now, or even possibly lost weight if you’ve been nauseated & not eating well (or keeping food down well).This week tends to bring on more nausea. Certain smells can make you queasy, so try to avoid foods or smells that seem to aggravate your nausea. Also, drink plenty of fluids and get an adequate amount of rest to help combat nausea. Another thing that really seems to help is avoid having your stomach completely empty or completely full, either can make nausea worse.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Due Date Calculation

The Estimated Conception Date of our little peanut is March 31, 2007.
The end of the first trimester will be Saturday June 9, 2007.
The end of the second trimester will be Saturday September 22, 2007.
The estimated due date is Saturday December 24, 2007!!
A Christmas baby!!!