Monday, May 5, 2008

On the way to Cape May....

Noah went on his first trip to Ocean City this past weekend! We're so excited to be starting these traditions with him- we hope it's a place he grows to love. Saturday we went to dinner with a friend for his birthday, and my parents babysat Noah. My dad put him to sleep for the night-- a first! He is getting used to handling Noah. At first he was freaked out by Noah's crying or fussiness, but he seems to be getting past it, and tries to meet the need so he will stop, instead of passing him back. :) Noah's getting tons of nicknames from Grand-maman and Pop Pop: No-Jo, little Joe, medicine, dessert, treasure, and Ishcabibbles. Anyway, back to the shore story...It's not beach weather yet, but on Sunday we took a nice long walk in the pleasant 70 degree weather, to the marina where Pop Pop docks his boat (Noah wore his fisherman's hat for the occasion). Later that day we went to the boardwalk to have Mac n' Manco's, and just like that the weekend was over. They fly by anymore.

Noah is 4 months and two weeks old now. Unbelievable! He weighs in at 17.5 lbs, and 27 inches long! I asked the doctor if it's ok that he's so big. His response: "it's not only ok, it's great! I'll bet you never said you wanted to marry someone who is short, dark, and handsome!". We must be doing something right! He's in the 75th percentile for weight and height.

While his daddy has hopes of him being a linebacker, he's showing signs of being musically inclined. Whenever music plays, or someone sings or whistles to him, he is instantly soothed, and becomes very attentive! We're trying to feed him music as much as possible. He thinks it's hilarious when I attempt to beat box for him and make him dance.

Speaking of hilarious, HE GIGGLED the other day! Oh my was the most precious sound I've ever heard! It was so much fun hearing him express his joy! I was singing "the wheels on the bus" and bouncing him around, and his squeals turned into giggles. He hasn't done it since, but I'm so looking forward to when it becomes regular. His laughter shoots straight to my heart!

Sitting up has been the goal of late. He makes quite the effort to raise himself into a seated position (but can't do it unassisted yet). He sits up when I prop him against pillows just fine, and I'm trying to teach him to balance himself by holding him loosely while he sits. He's also taken to 'standing' (while I hold him, of course). Loves it! He smiles so proudly when he stands.

We have CONQUERED bath time!!!! We no longer have to bathe with him. We have a new bathtub that he sits in by himself. It seems like he's enjoying his baths now! Instead of sitting, frozen, he will kick his feet and splash around a bit. It's definitely easier for us this way. Keith has also brings Noah in the shower with him when we're short on time. At first, the water in his face startled him, but he's warming up to the idea.

Noah loves playing with toys now. Everything goes straight to the mouth! I was able to shower the other day without Keith being home-- I put him in the door jumper and he entertained himself for a while. Towards the end he was fussy but he gave me just enough time to get ready. We're making progress!

He also had baby cereal for the first time last month (pictures to come). He spits out more than he swallows, though, so I decided to put it off for a bit. I'm going to try it again tomorrow, and if it goes well, make it a part of the routine. I have pictures of his first solid meal, but will have to post them later.

That's about all the updates I can think of for now. Time is flying by and Noah is getting big so quickly! Life is rich. I can't express how fulfilled I am when I wake up to that little boy's smile. I'm so blessed.

Oh PS, only 2 more lbs to go to hit pre-pregnancy weight!!!! YAY!