Monday, March 31, 2008

Three months and three weeks

My my my how the time is passing! Noah is now three months and three weeks old, weighing in at a whopping 15 lbs 13 oz, and 24.5 inches long! He's a solid little boy! Some chub, but not as much as he could have for how big he is. This is the first month we have gone to the doctor's without him putting on 3 pounds. It was only 1.5 pound this month, so I guess he's slowing down. The doctor said he eventually would. He's as cute as ever, as you can see. So let's recap all the new things he's been doing:
Smiling. I noted that on an earlier post, but he can't get enough of the smiles now!
Talking. Last weekend (Easter- his first), Noah found his voice. He started cooing and squealing, and has been doing it more and more ever since. He makes quite the effort to express himself, lifting his legs into the air and straining with each sound he makes. Quite often he surprises himself with the noises he makes! It's been so much fun to hear his little voice! Along with his voice developing, his once little cry is now powerful!
Reaching for toys. The other day I was out to lunch with Rachel and her son Elijah, when I heard a rattle sound. I looked over to find Noah both holding and chewing on Stanley's (beloved stuffed giraffe/rattle) head.
Ever since the three month mark, Noah has been sleeping in his crib. He's doing really well with it! He gets up once or twice at night, which has been pretty good! It's far more bearable than before. No more bassinett for us!
He also rolled over! Last weekend (again, Easter weekend), he rolled over like 6/7 times in a row, from his tummy to his back. I've tried to get him to do it again but he doesn't have much interest. He's also more fond of tummy time, now that he can control his head well. He used to cry immediately. Now I can get 10/15 minutes out of him before he makes a peep. He's already starting to bring up his knees. All we need now is arm strength and he'll be crawling in no time!
Another thing he's been doing a lot of is trying to sit up! I'll have him in a reclined or semi reclined position, and he will strain to lift his head/torso into a more upright position. He's become very attentive too. He listens to my voice and watches me when I talk. His gaze follows me if I'm moving around the room. I think he's starting to recognize people, too. He's very comfortable with Grandmaman and Pop pop, and is melting down less and less when we are in big crowds. We went to Harrisburg last weekend for Ethan and Aaron's 5th birthday party, and he had shots the day before, so he was in a horrible mood Friday, poor kid. But Saturday we kept the people-passing to a minimum and he did far better than he has any other time he's been around a lot of people. We stayed at Aunt Glenda and Uncle Barry's while we were there, and he did fine with the new surroundings. He also took a bath in a baby tub without screaming, for the first time!! We're getting there!
So many things are changing with him...I have to start keeping a list, as I haven't been able to get to the computer to post as often as I'd like. I hate to see the infant go, but watching him change and learn is so cool! Keith and I are absolutely loving being parents.
Here are some pictures for you to enjoy-- he's a beautiful boy! I'm so proud he's mine!