Tuesday, September 18, 2007

26 Weeks, 3 days....we're becoming blimp-like.

We've reached the 26 week mark, and are quickly coming upon 27 weeks (this Saturday!). The 27th week will be spend relaxing in North Carolina with Keith and family. I can't wait to get away from all this madness! There isn't really anything new to tell, except to point out how funny it is that in the rightmost picture in the collage above, you can tell that the baby is laying at the left side of my stomach (or right side, when you look at the picture). That's where his little head and back are. :) I took my glucose test today-- it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I hear they're extremely easy to fail, though, and I love sugar/carbs, so i wouldn't be the least bit surprised if I did fail hahaha! If I have to go back I'd have to drink the liquid again, as well as fast the night before, and have my blood drawn once every hour for 4 hours. They really test into it extensively! I suppose having diabetes while you're pregnant can really effect the baby. Better to be safe than sorry!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The 24th and 25th weeks

Things continue to change! The belly is getting bigger and bigger, and I can feel the baby squirming around a lot more now. I am starting to feel his smaller movements better, and his bigger movements have intensified. He must be getting big! I can also watch his movement on the outside of my belly now. That’s fun!!! I’m sure he can feel my movements and hear our voices, because the other night, Keith woke up around 4am, and I woke up too b/c he had gone to the bathroom and whatnot. Well, before he went back to sleep, he cuddled up to me and wanted to ‘hold’ the baby. The little guy just woke right up- the second keith started to rub my belly. Needless to say we were awake for a while after that.

For the last week and a half, I’ve had pain in my right rib while sitting straight up. It feels like something is wedged under there—leg, arm, organ, I’m not sure what. If I try to alter my posture to alleviate it, I get pain in my back, directly across from where it is in the front. This has made working VERY difficult, because I obviously sit upright, and can’t stand, recline, or lie down to work. It has also made driving difficult. The only relief came at night time. Although last night (for the first time) the pain was waking me up. *sigh* Not much you can do about it, though, I guess. School is still keeping both of us quite busy! The class I’ve had this quarter is pretty intense, and a lot of homework. Keith just finished his summer semester—only one more to go and he’s a free and officially educated man! We are SO excited about it!! Now we just have to pray him through the last semester! Hopefully not having to juggle work and school will lighten his load, poor guy. I will be doubling up my course load for the next 2 quarters, so I will be finished and certified in Graphic Design by February! I was thinking I would have to be in school until August, so that’s really good news to me!

This is about all that’s going on right now! I haven’t taken any new pictures lately, but it’s in the back of my mind…hopefully I’ll remember to do so soon! It would be so much easier if I could just take them myself- finding someone to do it is half the battle! That’s all the news for now! Hopefully the next update I write will not include feet, knees, and elbows in the wrong places! J