Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Way behind!

Our 8th month flew and Noah is still growing and changing by leaps and bounds! The little crawler has now improved his speed and skill-- he's pulling himself up and using furniture to traverse the room. He is usually fixated on the electronics (tv, vcr, dvd)...but when he gets bored with them, will go to his toy box and attempt to pull it from the table. We have a new addition to the toy collection: Mr. Lion. He is a push-behind toy that gives Noah even MORE mobility! The lion's nose (in front of toy) plays music when pushed. Noah quickly discovered this, and will occasionally stop walking to go push the nose, so that it plays music again. He then proceeds upon his journey.

He has us both wrapped around his little finger, but it's most evident with Keith when Noah makes him be the horsey. Keith will hold Noah in his arms, and Noah will take hold of his thumb, and lift it high in the air. This makes the horsey "go". Keith then 'gallops' across the room (sound effects and everything), with an elated Noah in tow. He thinks it's the greatest thing ever, and tries to play horse whenever Keith will allow.

I absolutely love my Noah kisses. Every so often, Noah will grab my face, pull me close, and pull my face to his. Open mouth, drool, the whole nine yards. But it's so affectionate and precious! I hope he doesn't realize what he's doing too soon, and then want to stop. Nothing uplifts the heart like that does.

Standing in his crib is a regular occurrence now. And his poor mobile (which can be reached when he's standing) is getting the brunt of it. It's heartwarming when I go to get him in his room and he's standing in his crib waiting for me.

Solid foods are becoming more regular now-- bits of this and that. Bread, pasta, soft fruit...whatever we may be eating at the time. It's not the basis of his meals. More like a snack.

Noah was dedicated Sunday Sept 28th, at Calvary Chapel of Central Bucks. We had quite the crowd at church-- there were at least 20 of us! Pastor Hessler prayed over Noah, mentioning that God would use the meaning of Noah's name (comfort) in his life and in the lives of others. I was afraid Noah wouldn't go to him, so we had a trial run in the lobby. Everything went fine, despite the facial hair. He was fine on stage too, until I put my hand on his arm to pray over him, and he realized I was behind him. I had him for the end of the prayer. The party was at Dad and Mom's. It was supposed to be outside, but the sky opened up....bummer. But we made due and improvised ('crisis management', my dad called it). Everyone was indoors- all 50 of us. It was fun! The cleanup...not so much. We managed to snag some family pictures prior to the service at Dad and Mom's, outside. We knew rain was coming and wanted to do it while we could.

This ninth month is flying! It just keeps getting faster and faster...already October is approaching! Still, life is good. God continues to provide for our every need, and just in time! We have a lot of love under this roof, and for that I will always be thankful.