Friday, February 6, 2009

Ready, Set, WALK!

YAY! At 13.5 months, Noah is WALKING!!!!! :) We are so excited! He has taken two and three...up to six steps here and there, but never got excited about it. Tonight, while my mom and I were sitting on the floor across from one another, he began his journey. He walked to one of us, gave us a hug, then walked to the other. Ofcourse we were screaming and praising him, so he was getting excited. After a few turns back and forth, he walked toward mom and just continued past her! On through the kitchen and down the hall, into the entry way and to Pop-Pop's office he went! He hasn't stopped since! Holding a stuffed animal in front of him gave him confidence, but after a bit of practice, he's realized he can walk without holding it too! It's such an incredible feeling to see him learn new things like this- to reach these milestones! I blogged this entry with the intent to post a video I took of his first steps, but realized I don't have the connection cables. I will post it as soon as I get home!

Upon trying to upload the initial vid, I noticed the one I shot at mom's was really dark so we went outside today to shoot some more of him walking. So here are both. :) Enjoy!

First Birthday and First Snow