Saturday, March 6, 2010

Funny Noah-isms

This isn't going to be a long post- I just had to share a few stories that cracked us up!

The other night we were out to dinner with my dad. Dad and Keith both got soup, and gave Noah the crackers that came with it. Noah ate the crackers, and we proceeded with dinner. Twenty minutes or so passed, and Noah dropped his binkie on the floor. Threw it actually. And I told him that because he threw it, he wouldn't get it back. So a few minutes after that, he put his arm around Keith's neck, and then around dad's, and said "thank you very much for the crackers. I really appreciate it". We were dying...but once the laughter settled, he said "I need my binkie please". :) He's learning manipulation early.

Here in Newtown, where we just moved, there is a town center, and there's little shops and whatnot. One of the features is a town hall that's been converted into a theatre. They only show one movie at a time and you can see the movie for $2 a person! We've been wanting to take Noah to a movie just for something fun to do, and when the Chipmunks were featured, we took the opportunity! He sat on his booster, and ate popcorn- was THRILLED when the red curtain moved back. Through the movie, he danced to the music and reacted verbally to what was going on, on-screen. After the movie, we put him in his carseat and Keith said "did you have fun at the movie??" Noah said "YEAH! I enjoyed it!" ...enjoyed...too stinking cute and grown up!

We have done away with bottles. But he doesn't know it. I got two cups that have bottle-ish spouts, and we call them his 'big boy bottles'. He loves them-- so excited for the change! Putting the bottles AWAY!!!!!!!!! I'm hoping to slip a regular cup in front of him one day without him knowing.

My little boy is growing up! :(

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Erin said...

Too cute! They grow up too quick!!